Public Safety Officer

Our public safety officer services perform a variety of security tasks for various business and industries. Our approach to each property will be unique and carefully planned out, to help provide the very best protection. Depending on the hours, a public safety officer's responsibilities may include parking lot patrols, checking doors, docking areas, alarms, and reporting safety hazards. 

Mobile Patrol Division

Mobile patrols services are trusted by properties such as shopping centers, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, condos, and townhouses. Our mobile patrol units are a trusted, cost-effective alternative to 24-hour security. Our team can be hired to patrol your property up to up to 5 times in a 12 hour period day or night. Unlike other security options, we offer assistance response at no additional cost.


Drone Virtual Patrol

Drone technology allows us to access properties and high-rises that are oftentimes inaccessible, or difficult to reach. With our top-of-the-line drone technology, we can provide security services to remote areas, that would otherwise be very costly and time-consuming. At Inter City Public Safety, we are proud to offer the very best in drone virtual technology.



In California, fingerprinting must be done by a certified fingerprint roller or qualified law enforcement personnel.

Inter City Public Safety is proudly certified by the State of California to perform Live Scan services. With the advancement of biometric and security technology, our aim is to be at the forefront of the security services industry.

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Off Duty Law Enforcement

 Our team is comprised of retired or off-duty police officers and military personnel to include our veterans. We proudly protect and provide services at various venues, including private and corporate businesses.


Motorized Patrol 

Our highly-trained motorized patrol team is dedicated to providing the safest, highest-level of service possible. Our units provide organized patrols for various events and gatherings, including funerals, traffic control, escorts, celebrity escorts, bodyguard escorts, and more. Our number one priority for all of our services, including motorized patrol is to deliver the highest degree of professionalism in a safe and timely manner.