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Our Profile

  At Inter City Public Safety, our number-one priority and duty are to our clients. We have proudly served San Diego County, Riverside, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas for nearly 25 years!

   Our Company

   Number of Years in Business

     San Diego from 2000 to 2021

   Management Expertise and Experience

      Twenty-five (25) years of experience in the security investigative protection industry.

     Seventy (70) accumulative years of experience in Security protective enforcement        which to include:

      Crime prevention




      Alarm response

      Labor-related issues


      Presently providing approximately 4,000 hours of uninformed and specialized    security.















    Corporate Office


     2332 Reo Drive

     San Diego CA, 92139 



   Types of Security Currently Being Performed


      Unarmed uniformed security officers:

     Shopping Centers

     H.O.A Communities 


     Corporate Security

     Parking Lots

     Major Hotels and Motels

     Apartments (HUD and Non-HUD)

     Patrol Escort Security

     Gated Communities

     Patrol Security Checks

     Construction Sites

     Mobile Home Estates

     Parking Structures

     Super Markets




     Strip Malls

     Manufacturing Plants

     Executive/V.I.P. Protection

     Investigative Security

     Facility Security

     High-Value Merchandise 

     Currency escort and transfer

     Nightlife Events 

     Exterior/ Interior Alarm Response

  Note: In addition to specialized security, we offer a vast array of specialized investigative services.


 Uniforms consist of dark blue pants, dark blue shirt.  Our shoulder patches are very distinctive,      can be changed to some extent for a client’s particular need.



    Security Reports

 Security incident reports can be filed via our mobile app directly from the field, or started in the  field and submitted later when the officer has access. With this kind of flexibility, you can say goodbye to missing or inaccurate daily activity reports. 


 We believe security incident reports should contain as much valuable information as possible more than just text-based entries such as:

  • Time-Stamped Photos

  • Audio Files

  • GPS Locations

  • Text Notes

  • Talk-to-Text



  Carefully Selected Employees


 Safety and professionalism are our number-one priorities at Inter City Public Safety, so  therefore we take our recruitment, selection, and training of our employees very seriously. 





 There are several steps we take when recruiting our employees. The recruitment process may  include:


  • Referrals from clients

  • Referrals from Law Enforcement personnel

  • Recruitment from Law Enforcement programs

  • Referrals from security training schools

  • General advertising



  Our Selection Process

 During our in-depth selection process, we will conduct initial interviews and ensure that the applicant has a current security officer’s license. During this initial phase, the applicant will also undergo a criminal background investigation by the State of California, and we will conduct a background check to ensure that the applicant is in good standing with the California Department of Consumer Affairs. 


Additional steps taken during the selection process will include:


  • 10-year Criminal background check

  • Interview with Management

  • Job placement consistent with applicant’s skills and clients desires

  • Individualized training for particular assignment

  • Drug Screening



  Well-Trained Employees

 Once our employees are selected, they will undergo extensive training prior to being assigned to the field. During training, employees will receive classroom training and specific testing for specific clients, bi-weekly skill testing, and on-the-job training at job sites for each newly assigned security officer.


 Our roving supervisors will also make unannounced on-site inspections and evaluations, and provide written reports to management, concerning the security officer’s demeanor, job knowledge, and alertness.

   Why Choose Inter City Public Safety


 Our entire team takes pride in providing exceptional protection and services to your community. With Inter City Public Safety, you will have a management team that is involved in the daily security and operations, a 24-hour Command Post for instantaneous communication between clients, management and supervisors.


 Your protection is our main priority, which is why we take our selection process, training, and supervision so seriously. At Inter City Public Safety, you will receive the highest level of security at affordable, competitive rates. To set up a meeting with us to discuss your options, please call us at 1-866-464-2771, or send us a message. 


IC Public Safety

24-Hour Command Center

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